Every second the doctor is not seeing patients is wasted time. With our application every second is counted somewhere, re-used, enhanced and learned from over and over again.


With our interactive and cross connected platform for international and worldwide medical services be sure that all your health records are available when and where you need it. Regardless of country language or present medical technology. We provide support for continuous BI Data file stacking to be processed by more than million pre-defined set of rules.

Together with highly adoptive, intuitive and self-learning AI engine, we not only give you benefits of data availability, we give you tailor cutted and personalized health support even when doctor or emergency team is not immediately available or even needed.

Industry grade
uses best of block chain principles regarding data availability and security, in same time ensures strict authorization rules for data access and modification

AI driven support
ensured to be utilized both for doctors and for patients

Fully automated
support service

proactive and preventive engine


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Tomislav Vuletić

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Adcon d.o.o.

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Registered with Osijek Commercial Court.

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